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Wedding Quilts

We new we wanted to have our wedding at Alan’s family’s farm. There were so many beautiful backdrops outside. The barn started off as the backup plan if it rained. Everyone worked hard to help clean it out and when we saw the finished product, it didn’t make sense to have it be a maybe. Why have two plans that were dependent on last minute weather conditions, when we had this fabulous space waiting to be decorated.

One side of the barn still had some larger things that had to stay. A tractor, some coffins (eek!) and old wagons that were too big and fragile to move. We both come from a long line of quilters so we came up with the idea to divide the barn with family quilts. Mothers, Aunts, Grandmothers, Great Grandmothers, and even Great Great Grandmothers were represented. It added so much colour and our own family touch.

In order, quilts made by: Alan’s mother, my grandmother, my mother, and Alan’s great great grandmother

Alan’s grandmother’s quilt peeking out from behind a chair planter.

The quilt my mom made me as a High School graduation gift. It currently lives on our bed.

One especially bright quilt made by Alan’s mom titled “Twisted Knickers” became our alter at the front of the barn.


Tailor Made Dress

We got engaged 1 week before I left for a 6 month stint teaching in Beijing. There was no time for dress shopping and we planned to have the wedding that summer. I was on a pretty tight budget so I knew China would be the place to get my dream dress. I started at the Wukesong Wedding Dress Market. This would be the cheapest option but check out the type of beauties I found:

Well it is a military wedding. This one could work!

I decided to go the tailor route. I had pictures of some dresses I liked. The one that stood out the most for me was the dress that Audrey Hepburn wore in the movie Funny Face and designer Dolly Couture’s take on it.

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