Trains, Planes, and Automobiles

I’m enroute to Tralee, Ireland for my friend Maria’s wedding and a mini reunion with some University of Sunderland pals.

What an adventure to get there! Flying out of Atlantic Canada can be ridiculously expensive. To save some cash, my journey started with my alarm going off at 4am this morning. I drove 5.5 hours to Portland, Maine. From there I hopped on a bus for another 2 hours traveling to Boston Logan Airport. That’s where I’m sitting right now! Next stop: Paris, France on the red eye. After a super quick layover, I’ll be headed to Dublin. That’s not it though! Tralee is 4 hours by train. I’m so excited to visit somewhere new (and not be at work for the week) that the travel doesn’t bother me.

I’m already feeling pretty exhausted! I’m hoping that means a good night’s sleep on the plane. I’m so happy that I didn’t take that more convenient flight through Toronto though– all flights to Ontario are cancelled tonight due to weather!

Pictures and stories to follow!


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